The Curious Incident of the Dog as I'm Dieting

No further weight loss this week.  I've plateaued at 9st.  However....

I feel better than my paltry weight loss of 4lb should indicate and I'm not sure why.  My skin looks clearer,  my eyes brighter,  I've been jogging (badly) on a regular basis,  I've been swimming further and sleeping much, much better.

Actually,  it's obvious when you think about it:  my wine intake has dipped dramatically.

Once I realised that a large glass of white is heading towards the 200 calories mark and I was having one of these every night (Pointless on telly and thinking about what to cook for tea were my Pavlov's Dogs) - and drinking more at the weekend,  all of which meant I'd had a good number of calories before I'd put anything solid in my mouth.

alcohol and the 5:2 diet

But now,  I'm not drinking Monday to Thursday,  which has also led to drinking less Friday,  Saturday and Sunday.

I still can't get into my linen summer trousers  (or last year's jeans, or my bikini or my lovely brown and white sheath dress, or my shorts)  but I'm feeling quite healthy.  And as a curator of wellbeing magazines this is also,  probably,  a very good thing.   Woof.