I'm Over 50, Female, And Boss Of A Tech Start-Up. What Am I Doing Wrong?

It's great when Liverpool is in the news - especially when it's with a positive story.

Liverpool tech start-ups are challenging Shoreditch and that's great; let's celebrate. I live in the north west and like to claim these sorts of stories as my own.

But take another look at the photo. What do you see? Four men. Three of whom have beards. Why is the tech industry so full of men....and beards?

I have a tech start-up offering online magazines to public health departments, schools and children's centres. I signed my first contract 18 months ago and I've been working my socks off ever since. But I'm not a man and I don't have a beard and I wonder if it's holding me back? Because I'm struggling to get to the next level.

Women of my age (early 50s) are being encouraged to start their own businesses. But if that business doesn't involve baking, counselling or children I'm not sure where our mentors are. I'm not denigrating these three types of business - I'm just not qualified to work in these areas.

I have a degree in law and retrained as a journalist in my 40s. I wrote features, advertorials, pages and pages of property features and restaurant reviews. I then moved into knowledge management for a law firm and have adapted all of these skills to creat Wellbeing Web Magazines. I am also studying for a masters in digital marketing.

To get to the next stage I need a mentor, half my age and possibly bearded. And I'm not sure where to find him (or her).

But while I'm looking I will continue to produce my online monthly magazines for high schools in the north west full of articles and videos on mental health, healthy eating, resilience, relationships and careers; for children's centres I will continue to produce online magazines with articles and videos on pregnancy, breastfeeding, exercise, feeding your toddler, first days at school and other advice for families.

And while I struggle to get to the next level I will also attempt to grow a beard.