How 'Appy Are You?

When it comes to our health, nobody likes being told what to do, do they? 

Does anyone really want to hear that they’re not exercising enough, that they’re drinking too much or that they’re not eating enough healthy foods? No, of course not

But we also know that one of the keys to staying fit and healthy is down to the choices we make. WE decide how much alcohol to drink, WE decide what we’re going to have for breakfast, lunch and tea and WE decide whether to walk into town, or take the bus. 

So, what about if we just monitored what we were doing for a while? Find out if we’re doing too much of one thing and not quite enough of the other? 

All it takes is an app. A free NHS app.

Well, if you will, I will.

We don’t have to tell anyone what we’re doing. 

OK, let’s just download the Drinks Tracker App for starters.

Well, that was painless. 

You just add click on the icon: wine, beer or spirits and it calculates the total number of units you're actually drinking as you progress through the week. 

As you can see, those drinks really add up - and I don’t just mean in terms of alcohol; the app also tells you how much you’re spending. 

The Drinks Tracker App isn’t telling me to stop drinking alcohol, but it’s giving me information about the amount I'm drinking each week and whether it’s likely to do any harm. 

And then it’s down to me.