Halton's Parents Learn about First Aid from Millie's Trust

Warrington Road Children’s Centre hosted an extremely successful First Aid course recently for Halton parents provided by the charity Millie’s Trust.

Parents and grandparents attended the course.  All said they enjoyed the training and felt much more confident that they would be able to deal with an emergency situation should the need arise.  Parents also said they had found the interactive nature of the training interesting and stimulating. 

There was much praise for the trainer – Barry Sutcliffe – for his informative and enjoyable presentation, and for the wealth of background knowledge he was able to call on to answer questions. 

Millie’s Trust was formed in October 2012 in response to the tragic death of Millie Thompson following a choking accident at nursery.  Millie’s parents – Dan and Joanne Thompson – have worked tirelessly to provide affordable, accessible first aid training for families and professionals to help guard against a similar tragedy happening to another family.  Courses are advertised on their website http://www.milliestrust.com/  and are open to all interested parties;  parents with children under 12 months old are welcome to bring them along. 

The course was organised by Halton HELPS coordinator Carolyn McAuley, who said:  ‘We can’t stress enough the value of knowing about first aid and everyone should have access to this kind of training.  It’s great to get involved with other organisations to provide help and support for our parents and carers in Halton’.  

Halton Children Centres are currently planning more sessions with Millie’s Trust – watch our Facebook pages or Halton HELPS Facebook page for more details – or contact Carolyn McAuley on 0151 424 4686.