Halton Family Nurse Partnership

What is the Family Nurse Partnership?

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is an intensive home visiting programme for first time mothers aged 19 years and under. It is delivered by specially trained nurses from early pregnancy until the child is two.

Originating 30 years ago in the US the evidence based programme has been successfully implemented in England.

FNP goals are to improve pregnancy outcomes, child health and development and parent’s economic self- sufficiency. Research has shown that children whose mums have taken part in this programme do better in school.

Family Nurses can help mothers plan for their future in returning to education or employment or accessing training and gaining new skills as well as support with housing and finances.

We can accept notifications for women in their first pregnancy who are:

Aged 19 or under at last menstrual period.Living in Halton with a Halton GPUnder 28 weeks gestation, but please notify us as early as possible in the pregnancy because we aim to start visits early in pregnancy.

What does the team look like?

The Halton Team of nurses are employed by Bridgewater Community Healthcare Foundation Trust, we are based at Kingsway Children Centre in Widnes. The team consists of four full time Family Nurses – Pat Bannon, Jenny Butler, Catherine Cocken and Suzanne McAdam. The team supervisor is Therese Woods and our part time administrator is Shirley Haynes.  Our contact number is 0151 511 5602 please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.