Dieting and Distraction Theory

Just to make clear, I'm not fasting for four days in a row.  The idea of the 5:2 diet is that you fast for two days of the week and eat normally the rest of the time.  This week I've made it very difficult for myself:  it's Fasting Friday.  Actually, alliteration doesn't make it any easier or attractive, I'm afraid.  This is only my fourth attempt, but, seriously, how on earth does anyone do it? 

Most people I know will be celebrating the beginning of the weekend with a couple of glasses of wine, some nice food and possibly letting their belt out a notch or two, whereas I know I will spend the whole day just thinking about these sort of things....unless I keep busy.

Food you shouldn't eat on the 5:2 diet

So, I've decided distraction is the only way.

I do have a few things in my diary, including an NHS health check this afternoon: weight, height, cholesterol levels, that sort of thing.  Until then I keep busy....very busy.  I start off with a jog (slow and painful), then I move on to vacuuming, washing, then ironing, then I mow the lawn, I walk into town and buy a duvet, then carry it home (very heavy), nip to the supermarket and carry the groceries home...and then I crack.  There's no way I can last till tea time.  I stuff down a homemade spinach, beetroot and salmon salad without bothering to sit down then trot to the doctors.  For the health check.

Dieting to distraction

Bear in mind that I weighed myself a couple of days ago and swear I was 9st 2lb.  This time I'm 60kg.

I dash back home and convert to a denomination I understand.  Bloody hell, I'm 9st 6lb!  How did that happen?

I drive to the gym in a strop and swim 40 lengths.

Then I come home, eat a bowl of chilli and a chocolate bar and knock back a glass of wine.  Sitting down.

This morning I'm down to 9st.